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We've changed! News of our demise has been greatly exagerated. We had major business decisions concerning our direction and we've made them! We will now focus on more popular operating systems and online strategy gaming. We are filtering our older platform offerings and will bring some products back on newer operating systems in an effort to keep up with technology changes! We still support all of our older titles so if you are having a problem go to our support pages for help. We're in the process of this transistion and excited about it! More time come...
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Protect South Korea's night skies from the North Korean air force! You and your men are in control of the latest anti-aircraft gun ... The GFFC-1000 (Giant Frikkin Fast Cannon). Use your phone as a remote RADAR controller for the gun. As bombers come within gun range you will be able to use your phone to remotely control this gun by simply tapping a target location on your phone. Protect the FREE world with Android!
Empires in Arms

He who controls Europe, controls the world…

Take command of one of the many factions in early 19th century Europe! Empires in Arms is a grand strategy turn-based race to prove which nation is the greatest in Europe. In a bid for mastery over the continent, players can succeed where Napoleon failed or try to stop the military genius quicker than his historical enemies could!

The game moves in monthly turns where diplomacy and builds are conducted. Within the monthly turns there are a variable number of impulses where corps and fleets move about. All movement is simultaneous with battles occurring at the end of the impulse. Battles are resolved by players both picking a strategy and fighting a series of rounds in an attempt to break the enemy. Make and break alliances, declare war, invade minor nations, propose peace terms, build armies of landwehr, regulars, guards, light cavalry, heavy cavalry and artillery. Many historical leaders from the period are included to command corps and fleets, from Admiral Nelson to Marshal Davout to the Pashas of the Ottoman Empires.

Diplomacy and economics will complement the sharp bayonets and deadly cannons of your direct military might when you take the role of any of the major powers in 19th century Europe! As you conquer your weaker foes, use the money and resources from fallen nations to recruit new units and replenish your ranks. France, Great Britain, Prussia, Turkey, Russia, Spain and Austria all stand ready with their full resources, generals, armies and fleets for you to take command. Join the intricate and deadly contest of power that changed a continent and created a legend.

The slightest mistake could be the difference between the crown of Europe or exile to St. Helena. Step into history and find your destiny in Empires in Arms!

April 9th, 2013 Blackwell, TX
Outflank Strategy War Games releases AA Gun for your Android devices! Our development team has switched gears and we are moving to the Android world!Our first offering is a FREE version of AA Gun which you can download at Google Play! We are working on more titles as we speak. More to come...
January 4th, 2013 Blackwell, TX
Outflank Strategy War Games has changed their look and their focus. We are under construction for a bit to overhaul our target operating systems. We are still selling our more popular products so take a look around...